2-Propanone E M F
n- Propyl Acetone E
n-Propyl Acetate E
Paint Thinner, Duco V
Palm Oil V
Palmetic Acid V
Palmitic Acid V
Paper stock E O
Par aldehyde C
Par-al-ketone C
Para xylene V
Para cymene V
Para Dichloro benzol V
Para thion C
Para-acetylphenetidin C S
Para-Amino benzoic Acid C
Para-Amino salicylic Acid C
Para-Bromo benzyl penyl ether C
Para-Chloro phenol C
Para-Cresol C
Para-Diaminodiphenyl C H C
Para-Dichloro benzene V
Para-ethoxyacetanilide C S
Para-Formaldehyde C
Para-Nitro analine C
Para-Nitro benzoic Acid C
Para-Nitro phenol C
Para-Toluene Sulfonic Acid C
Paraffin (Molten) V
Parker O Lube V
Patent Alum E,V
Peanut Oil V
Pearl Ash V,E
Pectin Liquor V
Pella Oil V
Penta chloro diphenol V
Penta chloro ethane C-
Penta chloro phenol c
Penta erythritol c
Penta erythritol Tetranitrate c
Pentane 2 Methyl or 3 Methyl V
Pentane (Liquid) V C F,E
Pentane 2-4 Dimethyl V
Pentane n-Penta V
Pentanedione 2-4 E S
Pentanoic Acid E
Pentyl Penta noate C
Peppermint Oil V
Per fluoro tri ethylamine C
Per manganic acid C
Per sulfuric Acid C
Peracetic Acid C
Peralgonic Acid C
Perchloric Acid-2N * V
Perchloro ethylene to 170° F V
Perchloro methane V O T
Perester C
Peroxide* V
Peroxydol E,V
Peroxyhydrate B
Perphosphate E,V
Peru Saltpeter E,V
Petrol V
Petrolatum V
Petrolene V
Petroleum Ether V
Petroleum Jelly V
Petroleum Oil, Crude V
Petroleum, Naptha V
Phen oxy benzene V
Phenacetin C S
Phene V
Phenol V C
Phenol (10% Aqueous) V
Phenol Sulfonic Acid C
Phenol-Formaldehyde C
Phenolic Sulfonate C
Phenoxin V
Phenyl Acetate C S
Phenyl Acetamide C
Phenyl Acetic Acid E
Phenyl Amine E
Phenyl Benzene V
Phenyl Bisulfide V
Phenyl Cellosolve E,V
Phenyl Chloride V
Phenyl Ethane V
Phenyl Ether V
Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol C
Phenyl Ethyl Ether C
Phenyl Ethyl Molonic Ester C
Phenyl Ethylene V
Phenyl Formic Acid V
Phenyl glycine C
Phenyl Hydrazine V
Phenyl Hydride V
Phenyl Hydroxide V
Phenyl Mercuric Acetate C
Phenyl Methane V
Phenyl Methyl Ketone E S
Phenyl Sulfonic Acid V
Phenylene Diamine C
Phenylic Acid V
Phorne C
Phorone E-
Phosgene gas or liquid E S T
Phosphate Esters E
Phosphoric Acid (crude) V
Phosphoric Acid Triphenyl Ester E,V
Phosphorous Pentoxide E,V
Phosphorous Trichloride E,V
Photagraphic Developers V
Photogen V
Photographic Emulsion E,V
Phthalate Esters C
Phthalic Acid E,V
Phthalic Acid Anhydride E
Phthalic Anhydride E
Phthalic Terephthalic Acid C
Pickle Alum E,V
Pickling Solution V
Picoline, Alpha E
Picric Acid, H20 Solution V C E
Picric Acid, Molten V C E
Pimelic Ketone E
Pimilic Ketone E
Pine Oil V
Pinene V
Piperazine C
Piperdine C
Piric Acid Molten C
Piric Acid Water Solution C
Pitch V
Plasticizer C
Plating Solutions, Antimony V
Plating Solutions, Arsenic V
Plating Solutions, Brass E,V
Plating Solutions, Bronze E,V
Plating Solutions, Cadmium E,V
Plating Solutions, Chrome E,V
Plating Solutions, Cobalt C
Plating Solutions, Copper E
Plating Solutions, Gold E,V
Plating Solutions, Indium V
Plating Solutions, Iron V
Plating Solutions, Lead E,V
Plating Solutions, Nickel E,V
Plating Solutions, Others E,V
Plating Solutions, Platinum V
Plating Solutions, Rhodium E,V
Plating Solutions, Silver E,V
Plating Solutions, Tin E,V
Plating Solutions, Zinc E.V
Pneumatic Service V
Poly Butadiene C
Poly Ethylene C
Poly Ethylene Terephthalate C
Poly Glycerol C
Poly Gycols E,V
Poly Isobutylene C
Poly Isoprene C
Poly Methyl Methacrylate C
Poly Proplylene C
Poly Styrene C
Poly Vinyl Acetates E
Poly Vinylidene Chloride C
Polyester Monomers C
Polyethylene Glycol E,V
Polyv Vinyl Alchol V
Potash E,V
Potash Alum E,V
Potash Caustic E
Potasium Aluminum Sulfate E,V
Potasium Thiosulphate V
Potassium Chromic Sulfate E,V
Potassium Stannate C
Potassium Acetate E
Potassium Acid Sulfate C
Potassium Alum E,V
Potassium Antimonate C O
Potassium Bicarbonate E,V
Potassium Bichromate E,V
Potassium Bifluoride C
Potassium Bisulfate E,V
Potassium Bisulfite E,V
Potassium Bitartrate C
Potassium Borates E,V
Potassium Bromate E,V
Potassium Bromide E,V
Potassium Carbonate E,V
Potassium Chlorate E,V
Potassium Chloride E.V
Potassium Chromate E,V
Potassium Citrate C
Potassium Cupro Cyanide E,V
Potassium Cyanide E,V
Potassium Dichromate E,V
Potassium Diphosphate C
Potassium Ferricyanide E,V
Potassium Ferrocyanide C
Potassium Fluoride E,V
Potassium Glucocyanate C
Potassium Hydrate Z S
Potassium Hydrogen C
Potassium Hydroxide E
Potassium Hypochlorite E
Potassium Iodate C
Potassium Iodide E,V
Potassium Metra bisulfite C
Potassium Metra silicate C
Potassium Monochromate C
Potassium Muriate E,V
Potassium Nitrate E,V
Potassium Nitrite E,V
Potassium Per fluoro acetate E
Potassium Per manganate * B
Potassium Perchlorate V
Potassium Peroxide* C
Potassium Persulfate E,V
Potassium Phosphate,Di or Tri E,V
Potassium Rhodanid C
Potassium Salts E,V
Potassium Silicate E,V
Potassium Sodium Tartrate C
Potassium Stearate C
Potassium Sulfate E
Potassium Sulfate Hydroxide C
Potassium Sulfide E,V
Potassium Sulfite E,V
Potassium Sulphate E,V
Potassium Sulphite E,V
Potassium Tartrate C
Potassium Triphosphate E,V
Potato Oil E,V
Potato Spirit E,V
Potsassium Oxalate C
Poyassium Pyrosulfate C
Prestone Antifreeze E,V
PRL – High Temp. Hydr. Oil. V
Producer Gas V
Propane V S F,E
Propane Propionitrile V
Propanediol E,V
Propanetriol E,V
Propanol E,V
Propene V
Propene Nitrile C O F
Propenoic Acid C M
Propenoic Acid Nitrile C
Propenol E,V
Propenol V
Propenyl Hydrate E,V
Propio nitrile E
Propion Aldehide E
Propionic Acid E
Propy Benzene C
Propyl Acetate E
Propyl Acetate E
Propyl Acetone E
Propyl Alchol E,V
Propyl Alcohol E,V
Propyl Amine C
Propyl Amine E
Propyl Cyanide E
Propyl formic Acid E,V C
Propyl Nitrate E
Propyl Nitrate E
Propyl Propionate C
Propylene V
Propylene Carbonate C
Propylene Chloride C
Propylene Dichloride V
Propylene Glycol B
Propylene Oxide E
Propylene Polymer C
Prussic Acid E,V
Pulp Stock E
Pydraul, 135, A200, 312 V
Pydraul, 150 E,V
Pydraul, AC, F9, 600, 625 V
Pyracetic Acid V
Pyranol V
Pyranol, Transformer oil V
Pyrene V
Pyrex V
Pyridine Oil E
Pyridine Sulfate C
Pyridine Sulfonic Acid C
Pyrite B
Pyroacetic Spirit E
Pyrogallic Acid V
Pyrogallol V
Pyrogallolcarboxylic Acid V
Pyrogard 42,43,53,55 (Phosphate Ester) E
Pyrogard C, D V
Pyroligneous Acid E
Pyroligneous Spirit B
Pyrolube V
Pyrosulfuric Acid C
Pyrosulfuryl Chloride C
Pyroxylic Spirit B
Pyruvic Acid E C

Column #2. THE O-RING- (V) VITON ® grade 747-75, (E) ETHYLENE PROPYLENE, (B) BUNA N, (Bu) BUTYL, (C) CHEMRAZ OR Kalrez®, (N) NEOPRENE
® DuPont Dow Elastomers