A o-ring

Please use the following codes with these O-ring compatibility charts.





Abietic Acid C O
Absolut Alchol V M F
Acetaldehyde E M F, T
Acetamide E C
Acetanilide C H
Acetate of lime E C
Acetate solvent E
Acetic Acid + Methanol E
Acetic Acid < 40 % C M
Acetic Acid < 5% V, E M
Acetic Acid > 40 % C M
Acetic Acid Amide E C
Acetic Acid Crude E
Acetic Acid Ethenyl Ester V, E
Acetic Acid Methyl Ester E
Acetic Acid Vapors V, E
Acetic Acid. Glacial C
Acetic Aldehyde E
Acetic Anhydride C C
Acetic Ester E C F, E
Acetic Ether E C F, E
Acetic Oxide C C
Acetoacetic acid C C
Acetol E C
Acetone E M F
Acetone 1 % + water E M
Acetone Carboxylic Acid C C
Acetone Chloroform C S T
Acetone Crboxylic Acid C C
Acetone Cyanohydrin E C T
Acetonitrile E C T, F
Acetonyl Alchol E C
Acetophenetidide C S
Acetophenetidin C S
Acetophenone E S
Acetotoluidide C
Acetronitrine C
Acetyl Acetone E S
Acetyl Benzene E S
Acetyl Carbinol E C
Acetyl Chloride W V T, F
Acetyl Oxide C C
Acetylene E,V S F, E
Acetylene Gas E F, E
Acetylene Gas with Water B M
Acetylene Tetrabromide E, V O T
Acetylene Tetrachloride V S T
Acetylenogen C D E
Acetylmethylcarbinol E M
Acetylphenetidin C S
Acetylphenol C S
Aconitic Acid C C
Acraldehyde E C F, E
Acridine C O C
Acroleic Acid C M O
Acrolein E C F, E
Acryladehyde E C F, E
Acrylic Acid C M
Acrylic Copolymer C
Acryloid 954 C
Acrylonitrile C O F
Adipic Acid C S
Advasol 210 C
Aerozene 50
(50% Hydrazine, 50% UDM) E
Air <200F E, V M
Air <400F V
Airpmatic solvent 1040 C
Alcohol (Ethyl) E M
Alcohol (Iso-Butyl) V M
Alcohol (Iso-Propyl) E, V M
Alcohol (Methyl) E M
Alcohol (Octyl) E M
Aldehyde Acetaldehyde E
Aliphatic Dicarboxylic Acid C
Alkanes C
Alkanesulphonic Acid C
Alkazene V O
Alkoxides C
Alkoxylated amine c2,c3 C
Alkyd Resins V
Alkyl Acetone C
Alkyl Amine C
Alkyl Aryl Sulphonates C
Alkyl Arylsulphonics C
Alkyl Benzene V
Alkyl Benzotriazole C
Alkyl Chloride C
Alkyl Dimethylamine C
Alkyl Sulfide C
Alkylate (Light) V
Alkylate bottoms C
Alkylated benzene Sulfonate C
Alkylnapthalene Sulfonic Acid C
Allyl Acetone C C T
Allyl Aldehyde E C F,E
Allyl Amine C C
Allyl Chloride C O F,T
Allyl Ketone E
Allylidene Diacetate C
Alpha Pineene C
Alpha Picoline C
Alum > 10 % E
Alum Potash E
Alum RT < 10 % E
Alum Solution V,E
Aluminum Acetate E O
Aluminum Bromide E,V V
Aluminum Chloride
(forms HCL with water E, V V
Aluminum Ethylate C
Aluminum Fluoride E,V S
Aluminum Fluosilicate C H
Aluminum Formate C C
Aluminum Hydrate E O
Aluminum Hydroxide E O
Aluminum Linoledate C
Aluminum Nitrate E,V C
Aluminum Oxalate C
Aluminum Oxide B O
Aluminum Phosphate C O
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate E C
Aluminum Salts E,V
Aluminum silicate (clay) E O
Aluminum Sodium Sulfate C C
Aluminum Sulphate E,V C
Alums-NH3-CR-K E O
Amine: <160F° C O
Amines-Mixed C O
Amino Benzene E O T
Amino Phenol C
Aminoanthraquinone C O
Aminoazobenzene E O
Aminobenzene Sulfonic Acid C S
Aminobenzoic Acid C O
Aminoethylethanol-amine C
Aminomethane E O F,T
Aminopyridine C
Aminosalicylic Acid C
Ammonia alum E
Ammonia, anhydrous E C T
Ammonia: Aqueous E C T
Ammonia: Compressor N
Ammonia: Gas E
Ammonia: Gas, Cold Liquid anhydrous E
Ammonium Acetate C C
Ammonium Acid Carbonate E C
Ammonium Arsenate C
Ammonium Bicarbonate E C
Ammonium Bichromate C C F
Ammonium Bifluorid C C T
Ammonium Bisulfite C
Ammonium Bromide C C
Ammonium Carbamate E C
Ammonium Carbonate E H
Ammonium Chloride V, E C T
Ammonium Citrate, Dibasic C C
Ammonium Dichromate C C F
Ammonium Diphosphate C
Ammonium Fluoride C C T
Ammonium Fluosilicate C C T
Ammonium Formate C
Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonate E C
Ammonium Hydrogen Fluoride C
Ammonium Hydroxide 3 Molar or concentrated E
Ammonium Iodide C C
Ammonium Lactate C C
Ammonium Metaphosphate C
Ammonium Molybdate C C
Ammonium Mono-Basic C
Ammonium Nitrate E C E
Ammonium Nitrate75% E
Ammonium Nitrite E
Ammonium Oxalate C C T
Ammonium Perchlorate* C C E
Ammonium Perchloride C
Ammonium Persulfate 10% B C F
Ammonium Persulfate Solution* E C F
Ammonium Phosphate Dibasic E C
Ammonium Phosphate Mono basic E S
Ammonium Phosphate Tribasic E
Ammonium Picrate C C
Ammonium Polysulfide C O T
Ammonium Salicylate C C
Ammonium Salts E C
Ammonium Silicofluoride C C T
Ammonium Sterate E O O
Ammonium Sulfamate C C E
Ammonium Sulfite C
Ammonium Sulphate E C
Ammonium Sulphide E C T
Ammonium Thiocyanate C C
Ammonium Thiocyanide V,E
Ammonium Thioglycollate C C
Ammonium Thiosulfate V,E C
Ammonium Tribasic C
Ammonium Tungstate C C
Ammonium Valerate C
Amonoxylene C O T
Amyl Acetate E E
Amyl Alcohol E S E
Amyl Borate B
Amyl Butyrate C
Amyl Chloride V O F
Amyl Chloronaphthalene V
Amyl Cinnamic Aldehyde C O
Amyl Hydride V C F,E
Amyl Laurate C
Amyl Mercaptan C O F
Amyl Naphthalene V
Amyl Nitrate* E
Amyl Phenol C C
Amyl Propionate C
Amylene E C F, E
Amylum V, E
Analine Sulfate C
Analine Sulfite C
Anderol L-774(Di-Ester) V
Anderol L-826 (Di-Ester) V
Anderol L-829 (Di-Ester) V
ANG-25 (Di ester Base) TG749 V
ANG-25 (Glyceral Ester) V,E
Anhydrous Ammonia E C T
Anhydrous Hydrazine C M E
Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride E
Anikline Hydrochlorine C
Aniline E O T
Aniline Dyes E T
Aniline Hydrochloride E C T
Aniline Oil E
Aniline Salts E C T
Animal Oil (Lard Oil) V O
Anisole C O
Anisoyle Chloride C D T
ANO-366 V
Ansul Ether 161 or 181 C
Ant Oil E
Anthracine C O C
Anthranilic Acid C H T
Anthraquinone C O
Anti foam agent C
Antichlor V, E C
Antimony Chlorides E O
Antimony Pentafluoride C H
Antimony Peroxide* C
Antimony salts B C T
Antimony Sulfate C D T,F
Antimony Trichloride E O
Antimony Trifluoride C D T
Antimony Trisulfate C D T,F
Antioxidant C
Antomonous Chlorice V, E
Aqua Ammonia E T
Aqua Fortis * C1 M T
Aqua Regia * C O T
Arachidic Acid C O
Argon V,E S
Argon (Gas) V,E S
Arochlor, 1248 V
Arochlor1254 V
Arochlor1260 V
Arochlors V
Aromatic Fuel-50% V O
Aromatic Hydrocarbons V O
Aromatic solvent 1083 C
Aromatic Spirits V
Aromatic Tar V
Arquads V
Arsenic Acid V, E C T
Arsenic Chloride B D T
Arsenic Oxide C
Arsenic Pentoxide E, V C T
Arsenic Trichloride B D T
Arsenic Trioxide C S T
Arsenic Trisulfide C O T
Arsenites C
Arsenous Chloride B D T
Arsenous Trichloride B
Aryl Orthosilicate C
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) C C D
Ash Slurry V, E
Ashless dispersant C
Askarel V
Aspartic Acid C
Asphalt Emulsions V
Asphalt to 350F° V O
ASTM Oil. No. 1 ,2,3 or 4 V O
ASTM Reference Fuel A,B.Oor C V O
Astral Oil V
Atlantic Ultro Gear-EP lube V
Automatic Transmission Fluid V O
Automotive Brake Fluid E O
Azine E
Aziotic Acid C M T
Azobenzene C O



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