C o-ring

Please use the following codes with these O-ring compatibility charts.






Cadmium Chloride C C T
Cadmium Cyanide E, V T
Cadmium Nitrate C C F, E
Cadmium Oxide C O T
Cadmium Sulfate C C T
Cadmium Sulfide C O T
Cajeputene V
Cake Alum B
Calamine V
Calcine Liquors V, E
Calcium Acetate E C
Calcium Acid Sulfate E, V C
Calcium Benzoate C
Calcium Bicarbonate C
Calcium Bisulfate E, V C
Calcium Bisulfide E, V
Calcium Bisulfite E, V C
Calcium Bromide C C
Calcium Carbonate Slurry E, V C
Calcium Chlorate * C C F, E
Calcium Chloride E, V C
Calcium Chromate C S C
Calcium Cyanide E C T
Calcium Dihydrogen Sulfite E, V C
Calcium Disulfate E, V
Calcium Fluoride C O T
Calcium Fluorphosphate V
Calcium Formate C
Calcium Gluconate C H
Calcium Hydrate E, V S
Calcium Hydride C D F
Calcium Hydrogen Sulfide E, V C
Calcium Hydrosulfide V C
Calcium Hydroxide E, V S
Calcium Hydrozide V, E
Calcium Hypochloride E, V
Calcium Hypochlorite* E, V D F
Calcium Hypophosphite C
Calcium Lactate C S
Calcium Magnesium Chloride C S
Calcium Metasilicate E, V C
Calcium Monoxide E
Calcium Naphthenate C
Calcium Nitrate* E, V S F
Calcium Oxide E C
Calcium Oxlate C O T
Calcium Oxychloride* E, V D F
Calcium Permanganate* C C F
Calcium Peroxide* C O F
Calcium Phenate C
Calcium Phenosulphonate C
Calcium Phosphate mono basic slurry E, V C
Calcium Propionate C C
Calcium Pyridine Sulfonate C
Calcium Salts E, V
Calcium Silicate E, V C
Calcium Stearate E, V O
Calcium Sulfaminate C
Calcium Sulfate E O
Calcium Sulfhydrate V C
Calcium Sulfide E, V S
Calcium Sulfite E, V S
Calcium Sulfonate C
Calcium Thiosulfate E, V C
Calcium Tungstate C S
Calciumn Carbide C D E
Caldium Oxide E
Calgon E
Caliche Liquors E, V
Calx E
Camphene C O F
Camphor C S F
Camphoric Acid C C
Candol V
Cane Sugar Liquors E, V C
Capric Acid C O
Caprilic Aldehyde E
Caprioc Aldehyde E
Caproic Acid C S
Caproic Aldehyde C O E
Caprol Hydride V
Caprolactam C C T
Capronaldehyde C
Caproyl Alcohol E
Capryl Alcohol B
Caprylic Alcohol E, V
Carbamate V
Carbamide E, V
Carbazotic Acid V C E
Carbinol E
Carbitol E
Carbolic Acid. (Phenol) V
Carbon Bisulphide V
Carbon Dioxide, Dry or wet V C
Carbon Disulphide V S
Carbon Fluorides C
Carbon Monoxide E, V S T
Carbon Oxychloride E S T
Carbon Tetrabromide C
Carbon Tetrachloride V O T
Carbonate of Soda C
Carbonated Beverages E M
Carbonic Acid E, V
Carbonic Anhydride E, V
Carbonyl Chloride E S T
Carbonyl Diamide E, V
Carboxy Benzene V S
Casein E, V O
Castor Oil V O
Catalyst Mixture C
Catsup V C
Caustic – Baryta E, V
Caustic Arsenic B D T
Caustic Chloride of Sodium C
Caustic Cyanogen C
Caustic Lime E, V
Caustic Potash E S T
Caustic Soda, E C
Caustic White water E C
Cellosolve E
Cellosolve Acetate E
Cellosolve Butyl E
Cellosolve Methyl C
Celluguard E, V
Cellulose Acetobutyrate C
Cellulose Ether C O
Cellulose Nitrate C O F, E
Cellulose Tripropionate C
Cellulube 300,500 E, V O
Cellulube 90, 100, 150, 220 E O
Cellulube A60 E O
Cellutherm 2505A V
Cerium Chloride C C
Cerium Fluoride C O T
Cerium Nitrate* C C F
Cerium Sulfate C C
Cerous Chloride C C
Cerous Fluoride C C T
Cerous Nitrate* C C F
Cetane (Hexadecane) V O O
Cetyl Alcohol C O F
Chaser ( aromatic oils) C
Chaulmoogric Acid C
Chemax hco-5 C
Chile Niter V, E
Chile Nitrate* E, V C F, E
Chile Saltpeter* E C F, E
China Clay (Kaoline) E O
China wood oil V O
China Wood Oil (Tung oil) V
Chloracetaldehyde C C
Chloracetaldehyde E
Chloracetic Acid E
Chloral C C
Chloramine C C
Chloranthaquinone C
Chlorate Of Lime E
Chlordane V O T
Chlorextol V
Chlorfoethylbenzene V
Chloric Acid * C F
Chloride of lime E
Chlorinated Biphenyl V
Chlorinated Lime E, V D T
Chlorinated Salt Brine V C
Chlorinated Solvents, V
Chlorinated Water E M
Chlorine (Anhydrous or liquid)* V S F
Chlorine Dioxide* V D E
Chlorine Fluorides C
Chlorine Peroxide* V F
Chlorine Trifluoride C F
Chlorine water E C
Chlorine, Dry or wet * V S F
Chloro azotic Acid* V O T
Chloro nitrous Acid* V O T
Chloro Xylenois C
Chloro-Acetyl Chlorides C
Chloro-Alkyl Ethers C
Chloroacetic Acid E C
Chloroacetone E C
Chloroacetyl Chloride C
Chloroamino Benzoic Acid C
Chloroaniline C
Chloroazotic Acid V
Chlorobenzaldehyde C
Chlorobenzene (Mono-, Di-, Tri) V
Chlorobenzo-Chloride C
Chlorobenzo-Trifluoride C
Chlorobenzol V
Chlorobenzol V
Chlorobromomethane V
Chlorobromopropane C
Chlorobutadiene V
Chlorobutane C
Chlorobutanol V, C S T
Chlorodifluoromethane C S T
Chlorododecane V
Chloroethane E, V H F
Chloroethane Sulfonic Acid C
Chloroethanoic Acid V, E
Chloroethanol C
Chloroethyl Alcohol E
Chloroform V S T
Chlorohydrin C M
Chloromethane V S F
Chloromethyl V
Chloromethyl Ether C
Chloronitrobenzene C
Chloropentafluoro-ethane C O
Chloropentane V
Chloroprene V
Chloropropylene Oxide E O T
Chlororoformyl chloride E S T
Chlorosilanes C
Chlorosulphonic Acid E D T
Chlorotoluene V S T
Chlorotoluene Sulfonic Acid C H O
Chlorotoluidine C
Chlorotrifluoroethylene C D F
Chlorotrifluoromethane C
Chlorous Acid * C
Chlorowax 500c C O
Chlorox V
Chlorpicrin C
Chlorxylois C
Cholesterol C
Chresylic Acid V
Chrome Acid, greater than 50% V C T
Chrome Alum E, V
Chrome Ammonium Alum B
Chrome Plating solutions V
Chromic Acid to 50% V C T
Chromic Chloride C O T
Chromic Fluorides C C T
Chromic Hydroxide C O O
Chromic Nitrates * C C E
Chromic Oxide .88 Wt. Aqueous Solution V, E O
Chromic Phosphate C O
Chromic Sulfate C O
Chromium Chloride C O T
Chromium Fluoride C C T
Chromium Potasium Sulfate E, V C T
Chromium Sulfate (Basic) C O
Chromium Trioxide C
Chromyl Chlorides C V T
Chrysolepic Acid V
Cider E C
Cinene V
Cinene V C
Cinnamic Acid C O
Circo light process oil V
Citric Acid V, E C
Citrous Oils V
Citrous Pectin Liquor B
Clay slurry E, O
Cleaners, Naptha V
Coal gas V
Coal Tar (Bunker C #6 fuel) V O
Coal Tar Creosote V O
Cobalt Acetate C C
Cobalt Chloride E, V C
Cobalt Chloride 2N C C
Cobalt Linoleate C O
Cobalt Naplthenate C
Cobalt Sulfate C
Cobaltous Acetate C C
Cobaltous Chloride E, V C
Coca – Cola E C
Coco Butter B
Cocoa Butter V
Cocoanut Oil E, V
Cocoanut-Fatty Acid V
Cod Liver Oil E, V
Coffee E, V C
Coffee Extract E, V C
Coke oven Gas V
Coliche liquors E
Collodil Silica V
Colza Oil E, V
Component header C
Concrete E C
Condensate less than 280° F. E M
Condensate over 280°F C M
Convelex 10 V
Coolanol V
Copper Acetate E S
Copper Ammonia Acetate E
Copper Arsenate, Basic E, V O T
Copper Borofluoride E, V
Copper Carbonate E, V O T
Copper Chloride E, V C
Copper Cyanide E, V O T
Copper Fluoborate V
Copper Fluoride E, V S T
Copper Gluconate C C
Copper Lasur V
Copper Napthenate C O
Copper Nitrate V C E
Copper Nitrite V S
Copper Plating solution E, V
Copper Salts E, V
Copper Sulfide V O T
Copper Sulphate V, E C T
Copper Sulphate – Blue Vitrol E, V
Copperas E
Copra Oil E, V C
Core oil B
Corn Oil V O
Corn Starch Slurry E, V C
Corn Syrup V C
Cottonseed Oil V O
Creosois V
Creosols V O T
Creosote & Light Oil V O T
Creosote, Coal Tar V O T
Creosote, Wood V O T
Creosylic Acid V
Cresol M,O, or P V
Cresylic Acid E O
Croton oil V O T
Crotonaldehyde C C F
Crotonolic Acid C S T
Crude Oil V O
Cryolite V
Crystal Ammonia B
Cubic Niter E, V
Cubic Saltpeter E, V
Cubnic V E
Cumaldehyde C O F
Cumene V O T
Cumene-Hydroperoxide * C S F
Cupric Acetate E
Cupric Arsenate E,V
Cupric Carbonate V
Cupric Chloride V
Cupric Cyanide E, V
Cupric Fluoride E, V
Cupric Nitrate E, V
Cupric Sulfate E, V C T
Cupric Sulfide V
Cupric Sulphate E, V C T
Cuprous Ammonia Acetate (CAA ) C
Cuprous Chloride V O E
Cuprous Oxide C
Cutting Oil V O
Cyanamide C C
Cyanic Acid E O E
Cyanide Acid Solutions E
Cyanide compounds E
Cyanoacetic Acid C C
Cyanogen Chloride C C T
Cyanogen Gas C
Cyanogen in Water C
Cyanohydrin C
Cyanuric Chlorides C C
Cyclic Esters E
Cyclododectriene C
Cyclohexane V O F
Cyclohexanol V S T
Cyclohexanol Esters C
Cyclohexanone E S T
Cyclohexatriene V
Cyclohexene C O F
Cyclohexylamine E C F
Cyclohexylamine Carbonate C
Cyclohexylamine Laurate C
Cyclopentadiene C
Cyclopentane V O F
Cyclopolyolefins C
Cymene V O



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