Super compounds D-I

Check the bottom of this chart for an explanation of the codes

DDT solution (Toluene Solvent) n
DDT soplution (Kerosene Solvent) n
Diacetone Alchol n
Diazinon n n
Dibutyl Cellusolve Adipate n
Dibutyl Phthalate c
Dibromoethyl Benzene n
Dibutylether n
Dichlorobenzene n
Dichloroethane n
Diesel Fuel #2 n
Diethyl Sulfate n n
Diethyl Ether n n
Diethylamine n n
Diethylbenzene n n
Diethylene Glycol n n
Di-isobutyl Ketone n
Di-sopropyl Ketone n
DI Water n
Dimethyl Formaldehyde n
Dimethyl Formide (DMF) n n
Dimethyl Hydrazine (UDMH) n
Dimethyl Phthalate c
Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) n n
Dinitrochloro Benzene & Styrene n
Dinitro-Chloro-Benzene (DNCB) n
Dinitrotoluene n
Dioxane n
Diphenyl n c
Diphenyl Oxide c
Dow Chemical 50-4 ET588 c c
Dow Chemical ET 378 c c
Dowtherm A (Dry) c
Drinking Water c
Dry Cleaning Fluids c c
Epichlorohydrin c c
Ether n
Ethyl Acetate n n
Ethyl Acrylate n
Ethyl Benzene n c
Ethyl Benzoate c n
Ethyl Cellosolve n
Ethyl Chlorocarbonate c
Ethyl Chloroformate c
Ethyl Ether (Ethyl Oxide) n
Ethyl Formate c n
Ethyl Pyridine n
Ethylene (Ethene) n
Ethylene Diamine c c
Ethylene Dichloride n
Ethylene Oxide n n n
Ethylene Oxide + Freon 12 12/80 concentration n
Ethylene Trichloride n
FC-43 Heptacosofluorotributylamine n n
FC 75 n n
Fluorolube c c c
Formaldehyde (Methanol) c n n
Formalin 40% concentration n
Formamide n n
Formic Acid c c c
Freon TF n
Freon 11 & Refrig. oil n c c
Freon 12 & Refrig. oil n c c
Freon 22 & Refrig. oil n
Freon 112 with or without oil c c
Freon 113 & Refrig. oil n n n
Freon 114 & Refrig. oil n n n
Freon 114B2 n n
Freon 115 n n
Freon 142B n n
Freon C318 n n
Freon MF (F11) c c
Freon PCA n n
Freon TF n n
Freons, Liquid n
Fuel B or C n
Fufural c
Furaldehyde c c
Furfuraldhyde c c
Fuming Sulfuric Acid (20-25% Oleum) c c n
Gasoline Aromatic c n c n
Gasoline, 100 & 130 Octane c n c n
Gasoline, Hi test with Mercaptan, Dydrogen Sulfide c n n
Green Sulfate Liquor c n
Halothane c c
Halowax Oil c c
Heptane n n
Hexachloro Acetone n n n
Hexane c c
Hexene (Butylethylene) n
Hexone n
Hydrazine (mineral filled compound) c c c
Hydrogen Chloride Gas c
Hydrogen Cyanide n n
Hydrogen Peroxide >90% n c
Hydroquinol c c
Hydroquinone c c
Ink n
Insecticides both Aromatic and Non-aromatic n
Iodine Pentafloride n c

F = Fluoraz
C = Chemraz
A = Aflas
C* = White Chemraz

n = Not suitable for either a dynamic or static O-ring. In some cases it was given this rating if field experience proved the published information was not correct.
= Caution. It could be suitable for static service but not dynamic applications.

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  • On February 17, 2018