Super compounds J-Q

Check the bottom of this chart for an explanation of the codes

JP-3,4,5,6, or x c c
KEl-F Liquids n n
Kerosene c n c n
Lacquer (MEK Solvent) n
Lacquer thinner n
Lead Acetate, Liquid n
Lead, molten n
Lead Nitrate c
Lead Oxide n n
Lme Bleach c
Liquid Oxygen n n c
Liquor, Pulp mill c
Liquor, Steep c
Liquor, Sulphate c
Lithium Hydroxide n n
Lye n
Manganese n n
Magnesium Hydroxide c
Maleic Hydrazide c
Marsh gas (Methane) n
Marsh, with solvent n
Mayonnaise n
Melamine Resins n
Mercaptan n
Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT) n n
Mesityl Oxide (Ketone) n n
Methacrylic Acid c
Methane (marsh gas) n
Methyl Acetate n
Methyl Acrylate n
Methy Butyl Ketone n
Methyl Chloride n
Methyl Chloroform n
Methyl Cyclopentane n
Methyl Dichloride n
Methyl Ether n
Metyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) n n
Methyl Formate n
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK) n n
Methyl Isopropyl Ketone n
Methyl Salicylate n
Methylene Chloride (Dichloromethane) n c
Methylene Dichloride n
MIL-23699 Lubricants n n
MIL-L-7808 Lubricants n n
Monobromobenzene c
Monochlorobenzene n
Monomethyl Hydrazine c c
Naphthalene n c
Nickel Acetate n
Nitric Acid Fuming c c n
Nitric Acid 98% c c
Nitric Acid 20% c c
Nitro Chloroform c
Nitro Ethane n c
Nitro Methane n
Nitro Propane c c
Nitrogen Tetroxide n c
Oil, Kerosene c
Oleic Acid n n
Oleum n
Orthodichloro Benzene c
OS 45 type IV n
Oxygen, liquid n n c
Ozone c
Para-Al-Ketone n n
Paracymene c
Para-Dichlorobenzene c n
Penicillin, Liquid n
Pentaerythritol n n
Perchlorethylene n
Perchloric Acid c
Peroxide Of Hydrogen, cold >90% n
Petroleum Ether n
Phenol Formaldehyde Mix c
Phosphate Tributyl n
Photographic Developers c
Phthalate Dibutyl c
Phthalate Dioctyl c
Phthalic Esters n
Phthalic Anhydride (Anhydrous) c n n
Pickiling Solution n n
Pineridine c
Polyphenyl Ether n
Poly Vinyl Acetate n
Potassium Hydroxide c
Potassium Perfluoro Acetate n
Propiolactone, beta 70°F c
Propionaldehyde n
Popylene Glycol n n
Propylene Oxide n
Pydraul 230C, 312C & 540C c c
Pydraul 29ELT, 30E, 50E, 65E & 90E c c
Pydraul 10E c c
Pydraul 115E c c
Pyridine c
Pyridine opil c

F = Fluoraz
C = Chemraz
A = Aflas
C* = White Chemraz

n = Not suitable for either a dynamic or static O-ring. In some cases it was given this rating if field experience proved the published information was not correct.
= Caution. It could be suitable for static service but not dynamic applications.

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  • On February 17, 2018