Super compounds R-Z

Check the bottom of this chart for an explanation of the codes

Radiation c c
Raffinate c
Rescorcinol n n
Salt Water c
Sea Water c
Sewage c
Shellac n
Skydrol 55 B4 c
Slop Distillers c
Soap Solutions c
Sodium Acetate (Anhydrous) c
Sodium Chlorite (10%) c
Sodium Cyanide (Aqueous) n
Sodium Hydroxide n
Sodium Metasilicate c
Sodium Nitrate c
Solvasol 1,2,3,73 or 74 n
Stauffer 7700 c
Steam over or under 150° n n
Strontium Nitrate (Aqueous) n
Styrene n n
Sulfur Chloride (Aqueous) cold n
Sulfur Hexafluoride c c
Sulfur, Molten c
Sulpholiginis Salts, dilute c
Sulfuric Acid Fuming c n n
Sulphuric Chlorohydrin c
Tetrachloro Ethane n
Tetrachloro Ethylene n
Tetra Ethyl Lead n
Tetrahydrofuran n
Titanium Tetrachloride n c c
Toluene n n
Toysl Arginine Methyl Ester n n
Toxaphene c
Trichloro Benzene n c
Trichloro Ethane (dry or wet) n
Trichloro Ethylene (dry or wet) n n
Trichloro Nitromethane n
Trichlorotrifluoroethane n
Triethanolamine c c
Tri-Fluoro-Vinyl-Chloride n
Turpentine n
UDMH c c
Unsymerical Dimethyl Hydrazine c c
Urea, Anhydrous or wet (Carbamide) 100% c
Urine c
Varnish, Aromatic c
Vinyl Acetate n
Vinyl Pyridine n
Water c
Whiskey and Wines c
White Liquor c n
Xylene (Dimethylbenzene) n n

F = Fluoraz
C = Chemraz
A = Aflas
C* = White Chemraz

n = Not suitable for either a dynamic or static O-ring. In some cases it was given this rating if field experience proved the published information was not correct.
= Caution. It could be suitable for static service but not dynamic applications.

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  • On February 17, 2018