All The Ways You Can Use Bitcoin To Buy Everyday Items

All The Ways You Can Use Bitcoin To Buy Everyday Items

It doesn’t seem too long ago that the world was first introduced to cryptocurrency. The name Bitcoin started making rounds and being discussed. But very few people took it seriously. Some people got in early and bought a lot of bitcoins for very little. Some poor fellow even bought a pizza with one whole Bitcoin. Making it one of the most expensive pizzas ever bought by today’s Bitcoin standard.

But I need not tell you how big cryptocurrency has become these days. So much so that entire countries are buying cryptocurrencies to keep their foot in the global economy. Bitcoin has become one of the most expensive currencies on the planet. And hundreds of people take their first steps into crypto every day.

But lots of people argue that crypto is pointless as you can’t actually buy anything with it. Well, this is a common misconception. These days you can buy a number of things, ranging from cars to common household items using Bitcoin and other cryptos. But how? This guide will walk you through the various methods of using your Bitcoin to buy common household objects.

  • What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. But for those that don’t understand what crypto is, allow us to explain. In basic terms, cryptocurrency is exactly the same as regular currency. Similar to how your debit card spends the money stored digitally in your bank. Crypto can be spent the same way.

But the big difference is that crypto is finite. You can’t just print more Bitcoin. This means its value is stronger and more secure compared to other currencies. Crypto is also stored on the blockchain, a system that gives every crypto a unique ID tag that prevents it from being copied. But Bitcoin doesn’t come with a central bank or debit card. So how can you spend your Bitcoin?

  • Exchanging Bitcoin for Traditional Currency

The simplest method is to just exchange your bitcoin for traditional currency by selling it. Depending on how much bitcoin you currently hold you could make a hefty withdrawal. You would potentially have to deal with cash-out fees that some crypto market apps apply.

This method will allow you to buy literally anything you need to, from any country as well since you can cash out into different currencies. But it isn’t the most effective method of spending your bitcoin. And it does rely on you having access to a bitcoin trading platform. This is why the next method is even better.

  • Making Use of Bitcoin ATM

Yes, Bitcoin ATMs are a real thing. They aren’t very common yet, but they are extremely useful. It works much like a traditional ATM in that you can withdraw cash in exchange for Bitcoin, effectively selling the Bitcoin directly. But you can also purchase Bitcoin on these machines. They are extremely useful when you are traveling abroad as well. Rather than exchange your currency in the traditional way you can just use Bitcoin to get local currency as and when you need it. Make sure you check the big lists of bitcoin atms at FindBitcoinATM to ensure the country you are visiting actually has a Bitcoin ATM you can use.

  • Direct Coin Transfer

A lot of smaller retailers and stores have started accepting Bitcoin directly. Cutting out the middle man and avoiding cash-out fees. Most crypto wallets allow you to transfer Bitcoin, and other coins, directly to any other wallet hassle-free. No hidden costs or tricks.

The process is simple too. The store will hopefully have provided their wallet address. After that, you just need to access your wallet and select transfer. It is important that you make sure the ID of the wallet you are sending to is absolutely correct. If you send it to the wrong wallet there are NO systems in place to get your coins back. Also, you want to make sure the retailer is a reputable one. Make sure to check online reviews from other customers. And make sure they give you a receipt.

How Modernising Your Home With Tech Can Make it Sell Faster

How Modernising Your Home With Tech Can Make it Sell Faster

Making your house stand out on the housing market is not an easy thing to do. Right now, more people than ever have put their houses up for sale. This is because the last year was a difficult time in the world of real estate, as people didn’t really have the spare money to invest in a brand new property.

If you were adamant about selling your house during the pandemic, it was expected that you would miss out on a lot of potential profit. For this reason, a lot of people held off on selling their homes, presuming that the economy would eventually stabilize and they could sell their home for the price that they believed it was worth.

Now that we are almost two years into the brunt of the pandemic, you may be glad to know that our economy is starting to stabilize. This is because more and more people have returned to work and are now earning the same wage that they used to. You may think this is good news, which it is, but that does not mean that the housing market is much more reliable.

Because so many people were set on waiting for the market to get back to normal before they attempted to sell their houses, there are now thousands of people that are trying to sell their homes right now.

If you are reading this article, then it is likely that you are one of these people are you are currently experiencing the struggle of trying to sell your home on an alarmingly congested housing market.

The market is currently so difficult to sell your house on, that people are cutting the cost of their homes, which makes the time that they waited during lockdown seems very pointless. If you have been trying to sell your house on the market for some time now, then you may be tempted to lower the price too. However, you do not need to do this.

There are many ways that you can make your house stand out on the housing market and you do not need to lose money in order to sell your home. One of the best methods that people have been using to make their house stand out is modernising their home with technology. It is not common to find a home that has been modernised with technology and so if you can offer a house like that on the general market, you are much more likely to be picked up by potential buyers. Here is how modernizing your home with tech can make it sell faster.

Offer a brilliant security system

When it comes to modernising your home with technology, the first thing that you should focus on is ensuring that you are thinking practically. It is all well and good to be able to offer buyers interesting technology that will impress them, but it is another thing to offer them guaranteed safety.

In particular, Virginia Beach has been hit with a terrible crime wave, so many people that are looking to buy houses in that area have been looking into buying homes with additional safety measurements put in place. If you think about home buyers that want houses in Virginia Beach, they will be looking to buy a home with the intention of adding their own security in the future.

You will only help yourself stand out if you are able to provide that security straight away, as that will save them a job for when they move in. People are often under the illusion that a security setup is extremely expensive, which is not the case. This means that if they look into buying a house that already has a security system built-in, they will believe that they are making amazing savings, which will make them feel much more inclined to purchase your home and they will not try to haggle with the price point that you already have in place.

Do be sure to make sure the security set-up that you have is subtle, as nobody wants to feel as though they are living within a prison.

Out Door Lighting

When you think about integrating technology into your home, people often forget about the exterior of their house. When you are hosting a house viewing, the first thing that people see is the outside of your home. The first impression that they get before they even enter your home is based on how it looks on the outside, so it would seem silly to not try and make that part of the property stand out.

Something that really impresses potential house buyers is the subtle features that you add to the home, as that shows them that you have really put the time into thinking about what buyers like.

Outdoor lighting is not usually on the top of someone’s renovation list when they move into a house, but it is something that we all miss when it comes to needing it. We are in the darker months of the year too, which means that it is starting to get dark at around 10 pm. If you are scheduling house viewings for the evening, having lighting in the back garden will allow you to show people around, so they can get a clear view of what they will be potentially investing in.

Tech: A Look Into the Industry That Can Make You Millions

A Look Into the Industry That Can Make You Millions

Defining The Technology Industry

The technology industry consists of many variations within the same sector, each contributes in its own way with many new developments working alongside old ones to create the huge network of appliances and other innovations that we all use every day. Technology as a whole is responsible for the effective running of many other businesses across other industries and that is not to mention how much technology is used by everyday people all over the world. You shouldn’t be shocked to know that the technology industry is one of multi-billion dollar figures, with deals happening on a regular basis dealing with offers of this nature.

Current Industry Developments

In recent years especially we have seen a huge increase in the amount of funding and importance that is placed on implementing the most up-to-date technology within your business practices. It has become more competitive than ever which has led to more and more money being pumped into the technology industry, it seems that everyone is in a rush to be on top of the technology they use possibly due to a fear of falling behind.

With the last few years being so hectic for the technology sector we have had many innovative designs released onto the market, this has influenced the advancement of the tech that we have seen in many mainstream households with the next few years set to only increase in development speed. I will be looking at a few notable technology developments that have occurred in recent years, as well as discussing how they have impacted the general public and the businesses that create them.

Electric Cars

With one of the most popular electric car companies and their high-profile release of the Tesla electric car, there seems to have been a huge increase in the number of people who are making the switch over to electric cars from the seemingly outdated models. Electric cars are a pretty new development to enter the mainstream technology world with a big boost in sales in the last few years, as more and more people start to choose electric cars it is expected to continue to reduce harmful car emissions worldwide. The results we see from this development are only going to improve as more and more carbon emitting vehicles are taken off of the road and replaced with the superior electric version.

Electric cars are not only a development that benefits the user as it helps us get a start on cleaning up and preserving the world in which we live in. Whether people are buying to protect the world or to protect their bank account, the benefits that are reaped remain unchanged. It is also the innovative companies behind them who are benefiting as the increased sales and media attention is a huge help for their business.

Portable Tech

Although this development is one that has been around for a bit longer than some of the others on this list the developments and constant release of new models have carried through to the more recent years. Portable tech in particular tablets and smartwatches have seen a huge innovation and functionality increase in recent years. With new developments to the classic smartwatches like detailed body readings for workouts and exercise sessions, internet connectivity, and communications, sales have skyrocketed with predicted sales only set to increase as we enter the Christmas period.

One of the biggest brands for the tech of this nature would have to be Apple who are well known for their Ipads and Apple watches which have become some of their most popular devices with the public. A notable point to make with Apple’s development is that it couldn’t have been done without the marketing that takes place on social media for this brand. This is just another example of how the technology industry works and prospers when used together.


A slightly different tech development to occur over the last few years would have to be through the cryptocurrency giant Bitcoin. This virtual currency takes place without oversight from an external bank or body, as well as the government. You can make investments in Bitcoin with the hopes that the value of a single bitcoin will be above that of the US dollar so that you can make a profit, which many people are actually able to do and very successful at Bitcoin has grown to be very popular across Europe also and Germany in particular with records showing much success in the area. If you are a beginner to this world then you may be interested in this German guide to bitcoin, which will help you to get started in making yourself some extra money.

Virtual Assistants

The final technological development on this list that has received a lot of attention in the last few years would be the increased use of virtual assistants within many of our home electrical devices. This is something that used to be available on a select few models but ha snow become standard practice within the industry. Virtual assistants like Siri or Amazon’s Alexa are a very common addition to many households helping us with effective and responsive internet searches and other basic functions to help around the home. At the rate of development, we are seeing currently I expect this technology will only get more advanced as the years go by.

The 5 Best Mods for DayZ you Need to Download ASAP

The 5 Best Mods for DayZ you Need to Download ASAP

DayZ, initially released late in 2013 as a mod for the popular Arma series, is a zombie survival simulator where you attempt to survive in a postapocalyptic wasteland solo or with friends. DayZ did so well as a mod that it became a fully standalone game in 2018 meaning that just has been getting mods of its own. Unlike DayZ cheats, hacks, aimbots and more than just change small elements of the base game to improve your chances at succeeding, mods can completely change the entire gameplay experience. Let’s take a look at five of the best mods for DayZ to mix up the gaming experience.

Can I get myself an animal pet?

Sometimes wandering the wasteland can get a little bit lonely. So thars why a dog companion mod seems so enticing. Download this mod and you’ll get a small puppy to follow you around the dead and monster filled zombie wasteland. Not only can you choose the breed of dog that you best like, but the dog also helps you to fight the zombies off when in a pinch, he really is man’s best friend!

What mod helps to improve trading?

Though DayZ has a lot of gameplay to offer, once you reach a certain point it can begin to become a little repetitive, that’s why mods exist, to freshen up the gameplay experience. This mod, called TraderPlus does that to great effect. This mod aims to inject the game with a whole new financial ecosystem. It adds trader NPCs across different points of the map that allow you trade items, clothing, and materials. This is a much-needed addition to the game which helps to keep the world feel a little more alive and thriving.

How do I make the game more challenging?

If you are a seasoned DayZ player then you might just need a new challenge to spice up the gameplay. Ashes of Humanity is a modded server that implements a true hardcore survival game mode. There is less ammo, less food and base building is restricted. There is also an interesting underlying story about a secret government agency during the cold war. If you want a harder challenge and an interesting element added to the DayZ lore, then this could be the mod for you.

A challenging game is great but what about fishing?

I love a good challenge as much as the next guy, but sometimes after 3 to 4 hours of wandering the bleak deserted infected wasteland you just need to kick back, relax and do some fishing. And you can with the Zeroy-FishingZ mod. Not only does this expand your fishing capabilities in DayZ but it also adds new clothing options, new fishing themed storage options and seas shore fishing which you can use to dig for shells. Now you’re fishing requirements have been met you can get back to exploring the wasteland fully rejuvenated and full of fish.

What is the absolute must have Mod?

We’ve talked about many different types of mods today but there is one mod that completely outshines them all. DayZ Expansion is a massive mod that aims to completely rebuild the game from the ground up. It fixes and improves on many issues of the base game by updating graphics and textures, improving base building mechanics, adding new items and vehicles and on top all of this allows you to completely edits major portions of the map to create and play your own built missions with your friends. It’s a truly impressive addition which makes the entire game experience ten times better.

Our Guide to Setting up a Home Based Tech Firm

Our Guide to Setting up a Home Based Tech Firm

The idea of a tech business is as glamourous as ever. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook all got their starts with a couple of people working together on an idea ad are now some of the biggest companies in the world. So, if they are doing it, what’s stopping you from doing the same? Here are a few tips to help you start up your own business startup.

What’s the product?

Before doing anything, you need to make sure that your company has something to sell. There’s a lot of ways to go about this. You can formulate your business around consulting, meaning that you are seeking your certain knowledge or expertise around a subject. This can be a good option to go with since it requires less initial investment, but it does require reliable clients and it requires you to have extensive professional knowledge about the technological element of consulting that you are building the company around. If you aren’t some of the bests in the field, then why would the big companies pay you to help? The second and most common option for you to go for is basing your company around a product. Whilst this could require more initial investment since you need to create the thing you want to sell, the profit later down the line is also likely to be much bigger if things go well. This move also requires much less highly professional knowledge. Sure, it will help but if you have an idea and can convince investors that its good, you can hire other professionals later down the line.

Has it been done before?

You also need to make sure that you have a unique selling point, also known as USP. Its very easy for the market to become oversaturated these days so its important to do extensive research into the product you want to sell in order to make sure it hasn’t been done before. It can be quite demoralizing to find an idea that you thought was original already out on the market but stick with it. With a bit of tweaking, you might have a whole new idea to take from that old one.

How do I set up at home?

Working from home can be quite a seductive idea for a lot of people, but if not done right things can fall apart really easily, especially with something like a tech startup. Having a group of people, all with computers plugged into the walls, all on the Wi-Fi at the same time and all opening up space for stuff like memory drives and servers can be really intensive on the electrical systems. It’s important to look at electrical companies in Perth to make sure that your home set up is up to standard and can take the stress that it is likely going to be put under.

Can too many cooks spoil the broth?

Building a business is tough. Not impossible but it’s not easy. That’s why its so important to network with others. Weather it be friends, colleagues or other businesses it is important to have help along the way but it’s more important to get the balance right. Getting too many other people involved in the core vision for your company can be detrimental in the long term. Too many people throwing ideas in the pot can cause the end product to become completely different to the initial intentions you set out with. So yes absolutely ask for help, you can’t do it by yourself, but try not to lose your vision along the way.

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