Cartridge Seal Advantages


Nothing is good or bad by itself. Things are only good, or bad in comparison to something else.

Let’s compare a typical cartridge seal to the type where you have to install the individual components.

Cartridge seals have these advantages:

  • No installation print is necessary because there are no installation measurements to be made. Clips of some type set the correct spring loading.
  • There are no special skills or experience needed to make a good seal installation.
  • Cartridge seals are easy to handle. The lapped seal faces are not touched during assembly. This means that no foreign substance will accidentally be put on the lapped faces.
  • Most designs center the narrower wearable face in the wider hard face.
  • Cartridge seals will not frett or damage shafts.
  • Cartridge seals can compensate for thermal expansion of the pump shaft.
  • Cartridge seals are necessary if you’re going to adjust the open impeller in a back pull out pump.
  • With few exceptions, cartridge seals are hydraulically balanced.

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  • On February 15, 2018