Cooling Jacket


The cooling jacket (B) surrounds the stuffing box of the pump to control the temperature of the fluid in the stuffing box so the product will not change state and harm the mechanical seal.

Any time you use a cooling or heating jacket you should place a thermal bushing in the end of the stuffing box to help with the temperature control.

Carbon is a good thermal barrier because it does not conduct heat very well. Brass is a poor one because it conducts heat real well. The greater the length of the thermal bushing, the better.

Do not connect any suction or discharge recirculating lines to the stuffing box while you are using the stuffing box jacket. Any flow through the stuffing box will interfere with the control of the stuffing box temperature.

The cooling jacket should be your first choice to control stuffing box temperature when the pump is stopped or between batches.


  • On February 15, 2018