Heat Transfer Oil


These oils are manufactured from a variety of chemicals to replace water that is limited by its freezing and boiling point, and air that is a poor heat transfer medium.

Heat transfer oils have many advantages over the steam that was formally used in heat transfer applications.

  • The product does not flash.
  • No boiler blow-down.
  • No deaeration heat loss.
  • No high-pressure. This means it is not only safer but also tends to leak less.
  • No licensed boiler operator needed.
  • The temperature can be kept uniform over a large processing area.
  • You can heat and cool with the same system.
  • These oils are excellent in systems that are water/ steam sensitive.
  • The product is kept in a closed system. This means that all leakage can be stopped.
  • There is less corrosion in the system.

Among the popular heat transfer oils you will find:

  • Dowtherm from Dow chemical.
  • Therminol from Monsanto.
  • Syntrel from Exxon.
  • Arcolor from Monsanto

Brines are useful for the transfer of cold temperatures but are corrosive to many metals.

See “hot oil sealing” to learn how to seal these oils.